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Tool to Repair PSD file

  • Effective solution to fix PSD CS6 file, CS3, CS4 and other advanced versions of Photoshop
  • Ideal tool toRepair PSD file of Adobe Photoshop formats like PSD and PDD
  • Provides optimal solution for Mac PSD file repair
  • Aids preview of the repaired file prior to restoration

Today, as the technology is growing, all work seems to be easier and faster. The introduction of digital system, has given way for the production of digital devices such as camera, mobiles, computers etc. The photos which took days together to reach your hand after printing, now can be viewed instantly after capture.  However, digital cameras do not provide to add extra effects for captured photos. Due to this, photo editing software was introduced in order to enable add color, effects, background to your memorable photos. Amongst them Adobe Photoshop was loved and accepted by many.

Adobe Photoshop is a currently available popular photo editing tool that provides extraordinary features to make the images even more attractive and clear. It supports layered image file which allows you to edit the pictures easily. The edited photo is generally saved in .psd format. However, some versions also support PDD formats. You can use this application to change the backgrounds, increase clarity, crop it to the required size and so on. Yet at certain times these PSD files get corrupted and become inaccessible. You can cope up in situations, if you are well prepared with a backup otherwise, you might end in trouble and you should think to repair PSD file. As of now you don’t have to worry!! To prevail in such difficult situations, take the aid of Repair PSD File software for repairing corrupt PSD file effectively.

While browsing more often, you come across different PSD files on certain websites that is readily available for download. Users opt for such options and download these files. Unfortunately, at certain times, such actions prove to be a data disaster, as the virus enters into the system and start damaging the PSD files.  These malicious programs can destroy the file structure of PSD file and make it inaccessible. If you have encountered such a situation thenRepair PSD file software enables you to fix PSD file in an accurate manner. This tool is the best answer for the question how to repair damaged PSD file within less amount of time.

Power failure is one of the issues faced by people in cities, where computers are used on a larger scale. If an event of power failure occurs during the time when PSD file is used,  there can be possibilities of PSD file damage.  When the system turns down during the usage of PSD file, the operating system fails to save the changes made to the file, which results in file structure damage. You can opt for Repair PSD file to repair broken PSD files.

Apart from these, PSD file corruption can be caused by events such as faulty application, improper compressing format, using an unreliable tool to open PSD files etc. In all these cases PSD Repair is a perfect remedy to get the damaged PSD file fixed.

Cannot open PSD file in Photoshop? Are you searching for an answer for this query? Then read the amazing features of Repair PSD File software for repairing corrupt PSD file in an efficient manner.

Repair PSD File utility embeds extraordinary features to fix PSD files in any extreme conditions of file damage.  This amazing read only software can repair corrupted PSD file without modifying its content and producing a new healthy PSD file. With the help of this software you  can repair PSD file with depth variants such as 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. By the aid of this software you can repair PSD file which is corrupted or damaged on Windows platforms such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008. Besides, it can also be utilized for repairing corrupt PSD file on Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard. You can take the help of this tool to fix CS5 PSD file including other Adobe Photoshop versions such as 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, etc

Latest Information:

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Procedure to repair PSD file:

Step 1: Get the software by clicking on the download button. Follow the instructions and install the tool. From the first screen select the damaged PSD file by clicking on browse option

Repair PSD File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Browse PSD File

Step 2: The software takes some time to repair the tool and provide a preview of the fixed file by the end

Repair PSD File - Preview Repaired PSD

Fig 2: Preview PSD File

Step 3: Finally, select the file and save it back to the system

Repair PSD File - Save Repaired PSD

Fig 3: Save Repaired PSD

Tips to avoid PSD corruption

  • Prefer to use efficient antivirus software to protect system from virus
  • Use appropriate tool to compress PSD files