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Fix CS5 PSD File

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is truly magical in its editing and design powers for most Windows users. In this version, the speed and power that users will have access to be mingled with some of the most basic and recognizable Photoshop features. According to Adobe, the download should not take very long. But a fast download is always dependent on how free the Windows system at hand is.

One new feature that is worth mentioning is the improved crop tool that is fast in understanding the content you are working on. In fact, the design tools of Adobe Photoshop CS5 all include the new Content-Aware Patch technology which ultimately results in error-free designs.

Suppose accidentally your Photoshop CS5 has closed at that time when you are working on your demo template work from last 2 months, so again you open your PSD file there is error prompt "could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop". PSD repair tool helps to repair error messages encountered while opening PSD file and thus it repairs the PSD file when PSD file refuses to open.

There can be many reasons for the corruption of a CS5 PSD file which in turn makes them inaccessible / unreadable:

  • One of the main reason of corruption could be, due to fault in the Adobe Photoshop application. You need to fix photoshop runtime error using the software.
  • While working if Photoshop tool freezes or sudden power surge occurs, then it might cause damage to the PSD file.
  • Another common situation, which you might face, is because of download error. The PSD image file which you download may be broken and denies opening. So using software you can repair broken PSD file.
  • Many times PSD files get corrupt due to virus infections also.

Features of CS5 PSD file repair:

  • PSD file repair has dedicated algorithms and advanced techniques to allow users repair corrupted PSD files swiftly and effortlessly.
  • The software can recover even from badly corrupt PSD Files and serves as an effective solution.
  • With this comprehensive PSD repair tool, you can preview detailed structure of the PSD file and all objects within the file.
  • Using this magnificient tool, one can easily recover Photoshop layers with great ease and within fraction of seconds.
  • The software supports recovery of images with a color depth of 8 and 16 bits per channel. Additionally, it is capable of repair CS5 PSD files with different color modes, such as grayscale, indexed, RGB, CMYK, and duotone.
  • PSD file repair serves as an adept tool to repair PSD files in various scenarios of corruption and restore all its component layers, images, etc. while keeping their original properties intact.
  • With this tool you can even fix PSD unexpected end of file error. It is the best tool handle various PSD file corruption issues. Look at this webpage to know how to fix unexpected end of file error on PSD.

How to repair CS5 PSD file:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of CS5 PSD file repair software. After installation click on "BROWSE" to select the corrupted / damaged PSD file and click on"REPAIR".

Repair CS5 PSD File - Main screen

Step 2: Software starts scanning; once scanning is done you can preview the repaired CS5 PSD file and save it in desired location.

Repair CS5 PSD File - Save repaired PSD