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Fix PSD Runtime Application Error

The Photoshop is the photo editing application. This helps you to add effects to the photo or create your picture file using paint. The Photoshop files have the different file extensions. Amongst them PSD is the most important file format of Photoshop. The PSD stands for “Photoshop Document”. The PSD has all the options that the Photoshop provide to edit the photos. You can merge different photos; add layers, layer masks, paths, channels, adjustment layers, etc. to make the picture look out of this world.

What if the PSD file becomes inaccessible all of a sudden? It can happen to anyone at any moment. The PSD file might not open due to application errors. This happens when the Photoshop has not been installed properly. Some of the essential files of the software might be missing. In that case, the Photoshop freezes and you will lose the access to the PSD file which you had created with lots of efforts with all your creativity. What can be done now? Is all the hard work gone waste? Of course not, you can fix PSD file using repair software. PSD File Repair Software helps you to get back your PSD file to working condition.

Let us know in detail about the cause of runtime application error that resists the access of PSD file. The details of the information of the installed software will be stored in Windows Registry database. If this gets damaged or missing then you will get the runtime error and lose the accessibility to the PSD file. The Windows Registry files might get damaged due to several reasons. Some are given below:

Virus infection: The virus might infect the files on the installed software of Adobe Photoshop. This may lead to freezing of application when tried to open and the PSD file gets corrupt. If you do not have the other copy of the PSD file then you need to repair the PSD file. If you cannot open the PSD file then click here to know about how to get it opened by repairing.

Conflict with installed programs: There may be many applications running on the computer. If there is any conflict between the running programs while working on the PSD file then you might get the Photoshop runtime error and the PSD file gets corrupted. Once your PSD file is corrupted, it starts displaying errors such as runtime application error, Photoshop CS6 problem reading layer data and many others. But one can easily fix the problem using repair PSD tool.

Hardware conflicts: The new device drive might have been installed on the computer which might cause for PSD application runtime error. Then you might be thinking how to fix PSD runtime application error to get back the access to the PSD file and hence the data in it. In that case, you need proper repair tool to repair PSD file.

Important features of PSD File Repair Software:

The PSD File Repair Software helps you to fix PSD runtime application. The software has efficient scanning method to repair the PSD file on your PC. You can even repair broken PSD file using the software. The software has simple wizard that anyone can understand with no difficulties. It does not change the original file and displays the repaired PSD image to you. You can also repair PDD image format of Photoshop using the software. You can repair PSD file of depth 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. Using this tool user can easily repair corrupt PSD file. Check out this site to find PSD file repair tool download link. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and even the latest version of Windows, i.e. Windows 8. Try the demo version of the software to have the experience of repair process.

Simple steps to fix PSD files having runtime application error:

Step 1: Download and install PSD File Repair Software. Select the PSD file using “BROWSE” option to repair and click on “REPAIR”.

Repair PSD File - Main screen

Step 2: Once the PSD file is repaired, preview the repaired file. Using “SAVE” option you can save your repaired file in desired location.

Repair PSD File - Preview repaired PSD