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Repair PSD Unexpected End of File

Photoshop is a very popular and widely used design application, developed and built by Adobe. This application is a photo editing tool used by billions of users around the world especially in the field of graphics. The files saved using this software is of .psd format, and Photoshop is known to be the best tool to edit photos of any kind. However users sometimes encounter many errors while working with Photoshop files, one common error is, “Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered.”

All users come across this error message at some point or the other, after which PSD file refuses to open causing many hardships. This error is caused if Photoshop fails to save its header and footer details due to some interruption. The error message indicates that the PSD file is severely corrupt or damaged, but luckily this error message can be fixed by using a powerful repair utility such as PSD Repair Tool. With the help of this software you can get rid of error message and regain access to your important PSD files. It repair corrupt PSD file only in few simple clicks. Apart from end of file error, there are many other reasons due to which PSD file gets corrupt and inaccessible, some of the main events are listed below:

  • Application Malfunction: Application failure or faulty application is one of the main reason for PSD file corruption, that is if Adobe Photoshop software is not installed correctly and creating PSD file using such tool results in corruption
  • Photoshop Up gradation: Many users upgrade their Photoshop application to latest versions in order to use its newest features and functions. But when a Photoshop file created using earlier version is opened with new version it leads to EOF error and file damage
  • Sudden Power Failure: If any sudden power failure occurs while creating or using Adobe Photoshop file, then it might cause severe damage to PSD file
  • Virus / Malware Attack: PSD files also get corrupt if any severe virus / malwares infection on the file. Many a times even after installing antivirus programs, many viruses infects the system and cause PSD and other files corruption. To know more about repair corrupted PSD file visit:
  • Improper Registry Settings: Registry are crucial components of Windows operating system, which acts as a database to store vital information of user application, hardware installation etc. Sometimes due to improper registry settings, many files including your PSD file gets corrupt and damaged

However, whatever may be reasons for PSD EOF error or corruption. It can be easily repaired using PSD Repair Tool as said earlier; PSD Repair Tool is one of the finest utility to repair PSD unexpected end of file error, this software effectively mends PSD file corruption stored on any drives like hard disk, portable hard disk, pen drives, memory cards etc.

More over the tool has the ability to repair PSD file created using any Adobe Photoshop version like CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS1, Photoshop5.5, 6.0 and Photoshop 7. So, if are using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and lost your access to your important PSD file then without wasting time go for this tool. Click here to enquire more..

Adding to this the software easily runs on both Windows and Mac platforms, the main benefit of using this software is that it allows users to preview the repaired Adobe Photoshop file before saving purpose. To know how this tool works for Mac based systems visit this link. You can also use this smart utility to recover data from corrupt PSD file. To know how this application actually works, just refer the site right

Use the below steps to prevent unexpected end of file error message:

  • Never interrupt while saving your Adobe Photoshop file. It might lead to incomplete writing of PSD file on hard disk
  • Do not terminate or close your Photoshop software while reading or accessing your PSD files from computer
  • Make sure you don’t save your PSD file on computer hard disk containing bad sectors
  • If you are working on multi-page document, don’t save them all in one single PSD file. It is better to save different versions of PSD file

Steps to repair PSD file after unexpected end of file error:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of PSD file repair software. After installation, click on corrupted PSD by using “BROWSE” option and click on “REPAIR” for repair process.

Repair PSD Unexpected End of File - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Software starts the scanning process. You can view progress of scanning process.

Repair PSD Unexpected End of File - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Once scanning is over, you can preview repaired PSD file and click on “SAVE” to save this repaired file in a desired location.

Repair PSD Unexpected End of File - Save Repaired PSD

Figure 3: Save Repaired PSD